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Interesting point, yet there is an abundance of postcard stamps in the Chicagoland. You'll have to just pick up the $.39 for the time being.

R Phillips

The post office has also yet to print a wedding stamp since the recent rate change. I was give the option of using a hideous stamp with the correct postage, or paying 7 cents extra per envelope. It may seem like a trivial detail to most people, but when you pay nine dollars per custom envelope of your black tie wedding, you don't want a horrible stamp on it. Seven dollars extra for 100 enevelopes. Highway robbery.


i came on your site as, months later, i'm still having the same problem as r phillips. i'm sending postcards for wedding save-the-dates, and i've seen two options so far: a florida panther stamp, or design my own stamp for three times the price of the... unappealing florida panther stamp. i guess i can also use fine 41-cent flower stamps, but i don't want to pay so much extra, and i don't see why they can't make more appealing postcard stamp designs to begin with.

Off Pissed Song

any news coming ?


Now in 2010 it really seems very funny

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