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Hi Dave! I found your blog through Seth's recent post. I loved your post about Zappos as it really resonated with our Company.

We had recently implemented paypal on our checkout and had an order go through but the shipping address was not captured. Unfortunately, the person who ordered was someone who had emailed prior to their order to confirm the shipment time frames. We immediately attemped to contact the person to no avail as all we had was an email address. Two weeks later we finally heard back from him. He had been unable to access regular email because he is a soldier deployed in Iraq. The purchase was a birthday gift for his wife. He was so disappointed as he had wanted it to be there for her birthday. We felt terrible considering it had been a bug in our shopping cart. We fedexed overnight the package to his wife and we gift wrapped it and included a card. It cost as much as the purchase did in the first place to do this. But we knew it was worth it, when we received the email back from him. And like Zappos, I'm sure they did it because it just was the right thing to do as we did. If good PR comes from it, then that's fabulous, but at the root, the heart needs to be there.

From the purchaser;
Wow! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm very impressed with the customer service you have provided. I really hope my wife is as pleased with the gift as I am with the service you have provided. I promise to tell my friends of this. And yes ma'am, this eases my mind very much. Again, thank you very much.


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