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Joy Nordenstrom

Dear Dave,

Thank you for sharing this blog with Malcolm Gladwell speaking at POPTECH. I love him and his work. His books have been extremely influential to me over the years. I am happy to report I have already pre-ordered his new book, Outliers.

Hope you have an opportunity to check out my new vodcast series Intelligent Love: 411 for Men. You can subscribe at iTunes or go to

Much happiness,


the takeaway for me was "if you've already spent 10,000 hours doing something else, it might be good to learn the nuances but really work with/hand things over to one more qualified." How to know whom to choose and how to conduct subsequent activities. From the world of the right brain, the brave and swift moving world of busienss and capitalism is fraught w minefields, slithering snakes, yet also probably some of the most thoughtful and well intended people on the planet. + as Mr. Gladwell so aptly discussed, we are surrounded by immense resources of human energy that is greatly untapped. What is the phrase, oh. "opportunity is everywhere"
yes. I like learning from your video presentations on this blog. thank you.

Nursing pajamas

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It still seems to me that even 1000 is too little.

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great post! thanks for sharing :D
Galileo's championing of Copernicanism was controversial within his lifetime, when a large majority of philosophers and astronomers still subscribed to the geocentric view that the Earth is at the center of the universe.

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[.......]oh cool video! thanks for sharing this informative video. love it! nice article i got a lot of information on your article.

Robert Ah-Tye

You do offer a very interesting read. In fact I was conjuring up these vital factors as to just how much hours of practice did it take to reach the genius level such as Bobby Fisher. However it is my belief that it never takes a genius to know true genius it doesn't necessarily require a genus to know true genius. It is just not talent but the relentless hours devoted and applied and tremendous luck cannot be excluded believe it or not.

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