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Dave - what's the overall feeling about what you get out of devouring so much material. Like, for business-related books, is it that it keeps you sharp? Reminded of the big picture? The chance you might learn something new in one out of 50 books?

Curious to know what drives you to keep up this relentless pursuit in the first place? Or if it's still a carry-over from childhood reading goals?

Dave Lakhani

Jack - I'm an autodidact so keeping sharp and continuing to learn as much as possible are definitely outcomes for me. I look for ideas and learning in all I read so while a book may not be a great book, if it gives me an idea to explore I find that useful.

The drive is the learning piece, there is so much to know and so little time, I try and fill my spaces productively that way. Also, I genuinely love to read so relaxation from reading and thinking is a positive byproduct for me. It is also important to be an example to my daughter so that she becomes a reader and life long learner.

Thanks for the questions!


Great Info But not easy for somebody who have never done it before! My question to You DAVE: Please Is it possible to make a video tutorial of your Reading Technique and Post it On-line? If you Can!
Thanks again For sharing your technique


How do I stop saying words outloud in my head as I read? Is there a key way to do that? Even as I type this I am saying the words out loud. :/ I always do that and need to discover how to STOP doing that. Reading is a guilty pleasure for me. If I pick it up..can't put it down until completed. Therefor... I read WAY less than I desire. Takes me about 5 hours to read a 300 page book. I like the sound of 90 minutes! :) I appreciate you sharing this as I love to read and your thoughts and concepts struck a chord with me. Thanks!

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