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Jon Clark

That's a horrible experience that unfortunately isn't isolated to Best Buy, although that story takes the cake! I think that if we really take a closer look at our own personal experiences, we realize that in the last 3-5 years, customer service, or lack thereof, is most definitely lost in the USA. I for one am more than happy to pay more in exchange for personal service by smaller companies that can't afford to act like they don't care. I'm only sorry you had to experience, and would have loved to have been a fly on the wall listening to the master persuader for amusement and training!

Sarah Tanner


Thank you for taking the time to do something about this example of bad customer service. It never ceases to amaze me how rampant bad customer service is. It takes so little to make customers happy, yet businesses don't pay, train, or supervise people to do a good job in this all-important area. In my opinion, the only place with consistent good customer service is Starbucks. They always take pains to make the customer feel that they are glad he or she came to their establishment.



I think Best Buy actually trains them to be like this. They sell you all the warranties and they don't stand behind them. There's always a reason why the warranty doesn't apply and they charge you more money. Here's the short version of my story...

I am a computer tech. I went to Best Buy to get a relatively cheap HP desktop. Found one, bought the warranty (not exactly sure why, I usually don't) and took the computer home. I hooked it up, pushed the power button, everything was fine. I turn it off and make myself some lunch. I go back to turn the computer on and nothing. It won't start, make a noise, light up, nothing. Being a tech, I'm pretty sure it's either the power supply or motherboard... but I don't want to crack open the case and void my warranty.

So I take it back to Best Buy then next day. I tell them the deal, a tech takes it out of the box, sets it up, tries to turn it on and nothing.

I ask what they are going to do about it. They say, well, it's $40/hr. for us to diagnose it. I stated I had the warranty. They then tell me that the warranty doesn't cover diagnosis. I then explain to them that I don't need a diagnosis, I need a computer that works... I'll just take a new computer (same make and model). They are unwilling to do that. So I ask what are they willing to do.

Well, it's $40 an hour for us to figure out whats wrong with it, then if the problem is covered by the warranty, then they'll replace the part, but i'll have to pay for the labor.

I asked them what good the warranty was then. They didn't have an answer. I was pretty ticked off and told them I wasn't leaving until we had this problem worked out and there was no way I was paying to have my computer "diagnosed" when I already knew it was one of two problems, and my computer was under warranty.

They went and discussed things with someone else for about 5 minutes while I held up the customer service line. They then told me the same thing. $40 to diagnose it and if it was something covered under the warranty, they would replace it, but i was responsible for labor.

I just shook my head, said that was unacceptable and stood there, quiet. Holding up the line.

When they asked me to step aside so they could help the next person, I politely said, I'd be happy to move and let the next person in line have their turn as soon as my problem was resolved.

I spent a few more minutes in line, while they ran around doing something... they then came back to me and said they had no replacement computers since it was a model that was on sale. They had sold out and wouldn't be getting any more.

I told them that was no problem, just replace this one with something comparable.

They refused and again told me they would fix the original one I bought, but I would have to pay $40/hr for diagnosis and then pay for labor.

Wow, they sure make things simple, don't they!?!

I was still not willing to do that. The people in line behind me were becoming a little upset with how long things were taking... not sure if they were mad at me or Best Buy, but either way, I wasn't moving.

I felt bad for the customer service girl who was stuck in the middle of this and she had no power over the situation, but I wasn't going to have the warranty I spent $200 on less than 24 hours ago become meaningless.

Even if I hadn't gotten the extended warranty, I'm sure Best Buy has a return policy longer than 24 hours.

about 45 minutes later and a lot of irate people behind me, Best Buy offered to replace the computer with the next model one step above mine as long as I paid the difference between the two models.

I wasn't thrilled with this option either, since I didn't see how it was my responsiblity to pay for their problem, but I agreed to do that if they would refund and cancel the warranty I bought... since it was worthless to me.

Another 5 minute conference went by behind the counter and they agreed to do that.

All I can say is they definitely have some of the worst customer service policies.

Shreeram Balijepalli

Dear Dave,

What you experienced with your Notebook I experienced with my Laptop! I had to get 6 replacements.

But, I did not give up. I made a big big scene in the stores to get the attention of the Canadian public and finally the sales manager had to give in and give me a full replacement.

In the first five computers the pixcels were all screwed up and eventhough I gave it within the money-back period, I was neither given a money-back nor a replacement but was sent for repair.

I did not give up and after 5 replacements I got the 6th one alright.

I guess noone will have the patience like me. I just wanted to see how much I can stretch the string.

I bought the laptop in Best Buy Canada.

What you said in the end made me ROFL...yes the CEO is busy fixing his computer. Maybe he got wise and bought it from the next shop!

The worst nightmare I ever had....iam glad i saw this posting and gave a reply back!! sort of releives me now!

Wish Best Buy would close soon!


Very interesting...
Last Tuesday night, I took in my 14 month old laptop. On Monday night, I went to open the lid and it was stuck. I gave it a bit of force and felt the screen POP under my fingers. I open it and lo and behold, it was nicely spiderwebbed about 2 inches in where I had pressed too hard. I bought a service plan, of which the salesperson said that I would get a replacement if it ever was in for warrant, that I could have a spill and it would be replaced, and that if anything happened that it would be taken care of. So, I thought ok, this will be dealt with.
I took the unit into the store the next day and explained what had happened. Mind you, this laptop has been out of the house twice. Once when I bought it and took it home and the second was on the way to the store for this issue. It is pristine with NO scratches or anything.
The Geek looked at it and said, the warranty doesn't cover abuse. I said, how is opening the lid abuse? I showed him how my fingers laid on the lid top and how it corresponded with the crack on the CRT. Again, I was told that it wasn't covered, no ABUSE was covered. I asked for a manager.
I got the Customer Service Manager. She explained that she was sorry this had happened and that we could send it away for repair but she has NEVER seen one come back fixed or covered. I asked then what good was the PSP? She said that she could refund me the remainder of it ($152) if I would like. I said no, I want it fixed and for you to honor it. I called my husband and had the manager explain this. He explained the same thing I did about what the sales person had told me would be covered. Then when I talked to him, he said get the store manager involved and looked online on his computer and I repeated "They've been sued 27 times in the last year for failing to honor their warranty? Damn. Wonder if we will be number 28." The person I was talking to said if you are going to sue us, then this conversation is over. I said to her that I never said I was, I was pondering in a PRIVATE discussion with my husband what we might have to do. Then I asked for the store manager. Of course he was at lunch, with an expected time back of 30 to 60 mins. When asked why the time stretch and didn't you know when he left, I was told with a shrug.. he's salary.
In the mean time,I stayed right where I was. I called the 888BestBuy number again and let them know what the store was doing. I also inquired about my iPod that had been sent in 12/30 for a new battery. The rep said the could not locate it but the system said it was still being worked on. The next thing I know, the service manager is back at my side. She asks me if the PSP with the accidental coverage plan had ben available would I have purchased it. I told her that I thought that WAS what I got per your sales person. So then she proceeds to tell me that they would refund my purchase price and the balance of the PSP. She gave me a total. I said what about sales tax? She hesitated then added it in too.
So, I went back and picked out a new laptop. I also put the PSP with the accidental damage coverage, and had to pay $90 to have the hard drive recovered.I also got a credit back of almost $100. They called me the next day and said they had it done. I got there, and it WASN'T. I had to wait for it to be burned. They also told me that the drive was bad. I was like.. um.. ok thats weird. The person who gave me the disk proceeded to make a snarky comment about that when one takes a blow like that one apparently had that it wasn't unusual for the hard drive to go. I said, WOW it must have been a very weak drive then because there WAS NO BLOW TO IT.
When I got home, hardly ANY of my drive had been recovered.
Fast forward to yesterday. The iPod got delivered to my house, as I don't live close to a store. The store had stated that UPS would require a signature when it was delivered so someone would need to be home.
RIIIIGHT.. UPS dropped it on the front porch, no signature required.
I opened the package and was totally shocked when what appeared was NOT the Red/Black U2 special edition iPod I had taken to them. Instead it was a 10g blinged out piece of crap beat to shit iPod. I called 888bestbuy and of course was directed to the store. I fussed that the store was so far away, why should I have to pay the gas for this.. YOUR ERROR. She said I am sorry and would mail out a $25 gift card for my trouble.
I got to the store, and they took the iPod, ALL the paperwork, AND the box. The manager I had dealt with last week gave me a printout of an "issue expedition" form, and said they'd be in touch. I asked how long will this take and she said until we locate your iPod. I asked.. so I am supposed to wait til you find it? What if you dont? She said they would return my ipod as soon as possible. I brought up the fact that I am sure someone is happy they got a BETTER ipod than they sent in and they aren't going to return it. (unless they were in lovce with their crappy beat up one that was even missing crystals.. sigh)
I stopped in today because I was coming back from a Dr appt and a DVD I wanted was out today and I wanted to get it. I *TOLD* the service manager that I would be in today.
She looked pissed to see me AND after she said "I told you I woudn't have any answers yet" snarkily said... I am NOT giving you a new iPod. We went above and beyond by replacing your computer last week. I looked at her stunned and said, THIS is a TOTALLY different issue and YOUR REPAIR PEOPLE LOST MY iPOD. She said if you don't like it call 888BestBuy. So, when I got home and did just that I made sure they were aware that I was getting referred back and forth. Do you think it's too much to ask for a timeframe for resolution of this issue?
I think I am going to call HER boss right now since I am thinking of it.

What a mess. I am never buying anything high ticket there again. I only buy DVD's there that WalMart won't carry. I probably will take that business to Amazon from now on.

A Best Buy Employee

You are the biggest idiot I have ever seen. First off, if you think our customer service is bad, then have fun shopping at tigerdirect, compUSA, or even Circuit City. Second, why are you complaining about your laptop failing when you only purchased it from us? Did we personally make that laptop for you? Or any other one you purchased or had replaced? In my opinion, we shouldn't have given you jack shit. And finally, instead of not shopping at best buy, how about you just avoid that store, or complain to the manager, or even file a claim with the corporate company? Think about things entirely before you speak, you might just end up eating your words.


"A Best Buy Employee" who posted above is missing the point...

While he is correct that Best Buy didn't manufacture the failed laptop, they DID however sell Mr. Lakhani an extended warranty for repair or replacement. It is standard procedure for Best Buy sales reps. to offer this agreement for an additional price.

So in essence Mr. Lakhani PREPAID for this service.

He did exactly the right thing by bringing the computer back to Best Buy to use the extra service for which he had already paid.

The computer was misplaced...ok, that happens. It was found and returned. An unfortunate delay but understandable.

It was presented to him as repaired, but failed, exactly as it had done previously when he first brought it in. Standard industry testing software should have been run after the repairs where conducted to ensure proper function. I worked for a firm which routinely did this and conducted extensive "burn-in" tests after repairs were conducted.

All that, combined with customer relations which were inconsiderate at best, should be enough to anger anyone who has PREPAID for this type of service.

Suggesting Best Buy is somehow doing a better job at customer service should be done by comparing your service to companies with a good customer service track record, and not by saying (in essence) we're ok, because we are not as bad as some.

You identify yourself as a Best Buy employee, but elected not to give a name or store number, is that because who want to ensure you don't ending up eating your words?

Just Wondering,
Ted Goodier
Boise, Idaho

William Daney

Bought my Toshiba laptop at Best Buy and also the "Service Plan" After a year the computer had a MAJOR problem. Took it to Best Buy. They sent it to a subcontractor in California that repairs computers on their service plan. They have had the computer for 2 months! I'm told that the outfit they have this arrangement with has sent for "parts" and they should be in soon. Have been told this same thing repeatedly for over a month. Will I buy again from Best Buy? HELLO! NO WAY!

Bill Daney
Waco, Texas

Terry Carmen

While facinating, terrible service is nothing new, and companies really don't seem to care about bad publicity.

I had a similar experience with Goodyear tires that shook the car, even after a half-dozen "rebalancings". Complaints were useless. Eventually I went so far as to build a web page that was #1 in Google for the search "goodyear syracuse".

The sad part is that it's been up for over a year with thousands of hits from people who would have been customers, costing Goodyear hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I never heard a single word from them.

The really sad part is that when I went to an excellent dealer (Dunn Tire), they immediatly knew what the problem was and said "yeah, if the tire changer doesn't take the time to wire-brush the rotors, you'll never get it balanced"


I bought a full set from Dunn never looked back. Smooth as glass from the day they installed them.

Don't big companies care even a little anymore?


This is sooooo good to hear! I thought Best Buy just hated me! I guess they hate all their customers.


Terry, are you even paying attention, we dont give a crap about your tires, Best Buy is the enemy! Or are they, maybe you , the customers are causing them to lose their minds.

Do you people actually think that Best Buy Employees target you as individuals and try to make you unhappy? Absolutley not. The fact of the matter is that Best Buy employees are paid to enforce the policy, not write it. If you are so upset with Best Buy and their policies, write the corporate office. Don't try to ruin someone's life just because you dislike what they do for a living. Never take anything that a salesperson says (anywhere) for factual information; always request service agreements and warranties in a WRITTEN FORMAT. DO THIS BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING!!

If someone gives you false information, ask to speak to a manager and tell them about it in a civil manner. As a person that serves customers, I constantly deal with customer that get more than they desevere and believe they deserve so much more than they are entitled to. Managers get paid to take care of these issues... not to give into your whining.

As they say, Caveat emptor - let the buyer beware.


This store sold me an empty box and refused to give me a new one when I brought it back they accused me of attempting to defraud the store. I purchased headphones the day before Easter. After opening the box on Easter morning, I found it empty. I called the store and it was closed as was customer serve at 1-888-bestbuy. I returned to bestbuy the next weekend and told them what happened. The first thing the employee says is "you waited a week?, if it was me I would be calling everyday". I was offended by what she was insinuating. She then told me to go find a another box of the headphones in the store, I then had to search the store for the product. After returning to the desk, she told me that they couldn't exchange the empty box for the new one. I couldn't return it period. I talked to the manager and she also insinuated that I was trying to defraud the store. I have never been more insulted in my entire life. I got mad and I admit I did use a little profanity (this is ******* ridiculous), but I've never been accused of stealing or fraud before. I called the store back to complain about what had happened but I got the same people I dealt with earlier. They were rude and treated me like a criminal. They were the ones who screwed me over! I don’t even care about the stupid headphones, I’m just mad at how they treated me. I called the customer service line and they were very helpful and told me the store had no right to treat me like that and it should have been a simple return. Most people who try to scam bestbuy don’t try to do it with cheap headphones. Worst Customer Service experience of my life. They messed up and make me feel like criminal on top of it.


I don't work for Best Buy, but I do have customer service experience in other major electronic stores and it's unfortunate that you had so many problems with your computers. I've dealt with similar situations at my store and I do have to side with Best Buy on this one. We wish we could exchange each and every product that has issues, but that's just not possible (if we did that, you would have no electronics stores to shop at). As a customer, YOU should have some responsibility in the sale as well. We hold up our end of the bargain (service warranties) and the customer should hold up his (not causing a scene, dealing with the same policies all the other customers have to follow, etc.). Sometimes things don't come back from service the way they should and that's definitely something that should improve, however, it doesn't happen EACH time someone sends something to be repaired. People fix products...people aren't's a harsh reality, but a reality nontheless (not that it isn't an inconvenience to you *and for that, you are owed an apology* and like I said, more often than not, things are repaired and returned and they are just fine). It sounds to me as though the associates and managers helped you out the first time (although, admitedly because you caused a scene *by the way, don't do that, it's totally ridiculous*), and then after that you just tried to take advantage of the favor they already did for you and caused an even bigger scene. Like it or not, companies are bound by policies and even though there are instances in which those policies are bent for unique situations, they cannot continuously be bent or broken just because a customer starts to yell. Also, when buying something from a store, you do agree to abide by their policies and to act like a rational grown up. Like I said, it's unfortunate that you had so many problems, but it seems to me that you are the one who is wrong in this circumstance. I probably would have asked you to leave the store and send the computer to the service center all by your onesies.

When the light turns red and you're in a hurry, it still doesn't mean that you don't have to stop. Follow the rules...get over it.

Dave Lakhani

Babs -

A couple of things.

First, Best Buy sold me the computer with the understanding that if they could not fix it in store that they would replace it on the spot. Not a misunderstanding on my part, a misrepresenation on theirs.

Second, you say that if you had to replace all defective electronics there would be no electronics stores to shop in. Nonsense. If you required accountability on the part of the store, they'd push back on the manufacturers and there would not be an issue. It would require the stores to be more efficient in sourcing and manufacturers to provide stores with quick replacements. This isn't a new idea, it is how things worked regularly before consolidation and big boxes. Consolidation and big box stores brought cheaper products, lower prices and horrible service.

It is all about developing a relationship with a customer. It is about extending the relationship so that the customer wants to come back and they want to tell their friends to go. If stores like Best Buy moved 10% of their advertising budget and money they'd save by not discounting every Sunday into actually serving the customer, they'd easily be able to solve customer's problems (including making exchanges) and their business would grow.

If I were just an angry customer who wasn't going to be happy until I got my way that would be one thing. But, Best Buy sold a product under false pretenses (that I could get an exchange on the spot if they couldn't fix it in store) and they charged me for an extended warranty so that I could get that service.

They lied.

Trying to justify a lie as a customer service person simply doesn't make sense, especially since you say you don't work for Best Buy.

And, leaving me to send the computer all on my own would have left you part of the lawsuit that includes Best Buy. A lawsuit when you are being paid $10 - $12 an hour isn't a pretty place to be.

Causing a scene is sometimes the most appropriate thing you can do. As you can see by this post I'm STILL causing a scene and as you can see at, thousands of people are causing a scene and ultimately we'll all win. And, all the inefficient managers, salespeople and customer service people will be looking for jobs. Think I'm wrong? Look at all the other corporations that no longer exist who forgot that it was about the customer, not about them.

I know for a fact from the emails that I've recieved that this blog post alone has cost Best Buy easily $1 million in lost sales, I'm pretty happy about that. It would have been much easier and more cost effective to honor what they promised and they'd still have me as a customer too.

I understand that customer service people are often abused, but you need to look deeper at the why, it has nothing to do with you but the ridiculous policies that you try and enforce and the lack of reasoning you use to try and justify something that if it were occurring to you, you'd find morally outrageous.

There is a reason that your job is being outsourced to India, China and Bangledesh, it is cheaper. Customer service people are not just a part of the problem for customers, they are part of the problem for the stores as well. It is easier to take profit, turn and burn customers and then leave them to deal with someone who has no authority or desire to solve their problem. So, twenty years from now when a job like yours doesn't exist for your child, you can honestly say that you didn't care enough about your customers to not push back and demand that your superiors treat customers with dignity and respect and do the right thing not the easy thing and as a result, you were part of the cog that killed the job.

Sometimes my friend when the light is red and you've been sitting there for 15 minutes and it hasn't changed, you have to look both ways and proceed.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Mark Jaske

I wish I would have read this before I made a purchase at Best Buy. My Gosh, I am having a terrible time at Best Buy Store #376, Benton Harbor, MI.

I'll try and make a long story short.
I went and purchased a HDTV and ordered DirectTV instore from Best Buy. Hey they do this the all the time, what could go wrong....

The Sales Associtate needs a credit card to set up the install with DirectTV. Ok... They won't charge you, we just need it to set up the install. Ok, you do this all the time.

To Make a long story short, DirectTV billed me for the equipment (boxes) and so did Best Buy.
I got double charged.

So who's fault is it? Best Buy says they aren't responsible for charges their employees charge customers in their store on Best Buy computers. Huh??? That is what the store manager claims....

DirectTv Says Best Buy knows they bring all the equipment and boxes and best Buy Should have never sold me the boxes in the first place. Plus since Best Buy processed the transactions in their store on their computers, Best Buy needs to fix their screw up.

Neither one takes responsibility, but Direct TV does make a good point. The Transactions took place in Best Buy, On Best Buy Computers, processed by Best Buy Employees, so how can they control that. (ie if You buy anything, like Nike Shoes at Footlocker, do you go to Nike headquarters or do you go to the retailer that processed the transaction)

Best Buy's manager says he isn't responsible for transactions processed in his store on his computers by his employees. Huh??? Yep that is what he says.

He further states ther is no way for a Best Buy employee to initiate a DirectTV install order within Best Buy. What??? 1) You advertise you can, 2) you give a rebate if I go through you, 3) I watched the sales associate do it.

What a Liar!

The Manager says he reports to no one, which I called the corporate headquarters and got the name of his supervisor. (he lied on that too)

I Filed a Better Business Bureau Complaint against Best Buy and the Manager.

I still have no resolution.

We are 3 Days into this, and have lodged complaint after complaint but they seem to say they can't reverse any charges for days, yet they can charge them instantly.

Best Buy Double charged me, they can instantly reverse the charges if they wanted too.

NEVER Do Business with BEST BUY



Amen! I am having the same problem with their staff and my son's computer. The employees are illiterate and will lie to make a dollar.

I am in the middle of a fight with them again! I will NEVER buy from Worse Buy!

Barbara Tyler

Hi sir,
I purchased 3 years proctection for my Toshiba labtop and when i went to you security center it told me my lab top was not procted. I made the purchase on 10/4/2007. I have the comformation from you all and will you please tell me what i need to do to get it on my Toshiba. I tought you all would automatic download it on my Toshiba laptop for me. This computer is the only one that has email. The toshiba would not let me download the sofeware i paid for. Would you all please automatic download it for me. Here is my order#CS29261272.
Thank you
Barbara Tyler
1701 Sunset Drive Apt. 94
San Angelo, Texas 76904
email address:


you can't generalize on the basis of your personal experience on a single might be that one store was not following the rules or it could be that they really made a mistake on your case...there are thousands of customers, who take good advantage of bestbuy service plans...if there are 1 unsatisfied customer then there are 100 more satisfied ones

people are missing the point's not an extended doesn't say that the performance service plan gives you a warranty that the product will last 4's simply a plan, which will pay for your repair...if bestbuy needs to repair your product more than 4 times then they end up paying more than the actual cost of the product and therefore you end up getting a replacement...

anyways, only the angry customers will end up creating a site bashing bestbuy...the happy ones will not do that...therefore, you cannot generalize anything thorough a hate-bestbuy site

Dave Lakhani

Every store is a reflection of the culture of the organization. Best Buy thrives on low prices and ill informed employees.

And, you are sadly mistaken, thrilled customers do create sites demonstrating their love of products, look at all the sites promoting Apple for example. Ideally there would be sites on both sides of the street if the company was doing a good job. In Best Buy's case, there are literally thousands of people who vilify them. This idea is also supported by class action lawsuits etc., levied at the store for their deceptiveness around issues like warranties.

fred prece

I went online at best buy.I saw a laptop on sale the price was great.I went to the store I could not find the model.I then asked a sales person she told me it was a door buster sale item and they sold out by eight a.m.I asked for a rain check,she told me they don't give them.I gave her a copy of the online posting and asked her to show me where it said supplies limited or door buster sale.She could not,but told me it said so in the circular.I told her I told her I did not see it in the circular only online.I then asked to speak to the manager,I repeated my side of the story he told me the same thing the salesperson did.I called the toll free number I told them I did not like the bait and switch tactic.I got no satisfaction.I did get a coupon offer ,but I really wanted the computer.

Jordan Humphrey

Fred Prece, above me, is a prime example of the kind of customers Computer Sales Specialists, like myself (store 600, Springfield, Oregon, employed since October '06) have to deal with every day of every week and double in December. We get 10-15 laptops in stock for a model on sale for $400, stated as limited supply, no rainchecks, and yet people come in 1-6 days after the beginning of the sale, wanting the limited supply computer. They want it now. They want it how they want it. They want it without any Performance Service Plans (NOT a warranty) and they want it without any Geek Squad services (optimization, antivirus, antispyware, restore discs, data backup/migration), all of which are reasonable requests.

But people don't read. Roughly half of the customers I serve every day make no attempt to read any words in any ad, only the numbers and pictures.

They run in minutes before (sometimes minutes AFTER) closing on Saturday night (the last day of the ad cycle) and want a laptop that we were sold out of the previous Sunday around 4:00 PM. They either cannot comprehend this fact of limited supply (clearly stated in the ad, next to the SKU, a seven digit number useful for checking stock over the phone) and the second you try and show them a comparable laptop, they yell "BAIT AND SWITCH" at the top of their wallets, complaining boisterously that they didn't follow the rules stated in the ad, and they want us to compensate them.

Bait and switch, by the way, refers to the unlawful practice of falsely advertising a product at a price, and then showing all customers a different model, allowing nobody access to the product advertised. Anyone who cannot, even after more careful consideration, see the difference between real Bait and Switch and an advertised low priced product with an advertised limit where the advertised product was actually offered and was really available at one time, they apparently need to run into stores well after any sane person seeking the sale item would deem it a lost cause and cry foul when the manager on duty refuses to lose money and take it in the proverbial ass.

By the way folks, most of the sale laptops that we carry are what we call 'burst SKU's', meaning we, as a company, get a very limited amount of these laptops, they are usually very poor in quality and very low in price. The entire company gets enough to have 10-15 per store, and once they are sold out, they are gone. If everyone who walked in the store had to sign a waiver saying they understood this single practice, most of the 'customer service' related issues would disappear.

Which brings me to another point.
MacAffee is not, nor will ever be considered, a good/passable/ok anti virus suite, ESPECIALLY if it comes bundled with your internet. *cough* comcast *cough* There is a reason we offer the service, people, and it isn't greed. Unprotected computers FAIL. They STOP WORKING. It is a BAD thing. Your computer needs protection for a reason. It is NOT a marketing gimmick (and believe me, lots of things are and I always point those things out, Mister Wireless-N). It is there to protect your computer. If you're going to install something yourself, fine. But don't lie to me and tell me you will if you won't. At least let me point out some fairly decent free programs downloadable online so you don't bring your computer back in 3 weeks needing it fixed.

I know it's difficult to hear, but as a whole, the buying public is stupid when it comes to laptops, iPods, TV's and most of the other stuff we carry, and yes, that probably includes you. As a sales person (keep in mind a NON COMMISSION sales person), we hear more stupid questions than you can shake a stick at, and we answer them, usually as truthfully and straight-faced as we can.

More than once, a customer could not understand a certain part of the Performance Service Plan, the cost and coverage of Geek Squad services and similar things, even after three or four explanations. This is the very reason that the company has printed brochures stating every single thing covered, condensed into a single law binding document, which SOP (standard operating procedure, considered the 'rules' for all of Best Buy) states is to be given to every purchasing customer. I was trained so, all of my coworkers are trained so, and everyone I've ever talked to from any store ever, all similarly trained.

Perhaps the original poster should've taken a little more time to inquire which things are and aren't covered, perhaps by reading the law binding document given to him.

Making a scene in front of the manager and other customers, while sometimes understandable, is completely unnecessary. I do not see at all how the actions of a very small portion of a very large company can not only stain your opinion of the overall company, but move you to post a blog charging the company and all other big box retailers with personally pissing you off by inconveniencing you.

Not only is it my opinion that though the mishaps you have 'endured' are unfortunate, they are an acceptable cost of business on any scale, especially on such a large scale as Best Buy, but it is the opinion of the general public, as for every person boycotting Best Buy, there are likely thousands who are looking for knowledgeable salespeople and low prices backed by a national brand.

And if anyone wants to see actual, real customer service, they should come into my store sometime and ask about laptops. If you treat us with respect, we treat you extremely kindly. On many occasions I, and all of my Computer Sales Specialist buddies have gone way above and beyond for considerate humble customers, but being that I am not a scared little kitten, yelling and threatening to call my manager, supervisor, Brian Dunn or even Jesus himself will make me bend to your ill-informed 'needs.' Instead I will bite my lip and show you the comparable Compaq laptop with 512 ram and the equivalent battery charge of a 5 year old iPod.


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Re: Jordan Humphrey's post. I too have been involved with customer service for years many both as an employee and as an owner of a store. I always tried to treat my customers with respect and give them the benefit of the doubt even when they clearly were either misinformed or just ignorant on a particular point/product. However there used to be a saying: "The customer is always right". Today it is more like "Screw the customer, we've got his money". When it comes to technology many customers if not most are simply undereducated about that technology. So when people go into a Best Buy or other large electronics store they are by necessity going to rely on the sales person, in store tech or even the manager for their knowledge and expertise when making a buying decision. When store employees say (or imply )that a product is covered for such and such by a warranty, a customer has a reasonable expectation that that is the truth. I have also had a couple of bad experiences with Best Buy. In one instance several years ago, I was trying to buy a computer for my union. The union president was with me when we went to the store. We picked out the computer we wanted and I told the union president that we should get antivirus software. There was a boxed version of Norton on the shelf for $49.95. I had purchased a $19.95 cd only version that was displayed on an end cap in that same store a few weeks before. I decided that we would get the cheaper version and save $30.00. When the salesperson asked if we needed anything else I told him I wanted the cd version of Norton antivirus that had been displayed on an endcap. I couldn't find it at this time. He said that it was now displayed behind the service counter. He asked if I wanted to add that to the "checkout" sheet. I looked at the sheet that listed the computer, monitor, printer etc. and saw a line for the Norton antivirus for $19.95. There were three check boxes. One said yes for the software, another yes to install by Best Buy (for additional $30.00) and the third said no to installation. I checked the yes box for purchase and the no box for installation and told the clerk we would install it ourselves. We proceeded to check out and the female clerk behind the counter started to scan the items. When she saw the Norton antivirus she asked another employee who appeared to be a tech person where the cd was. I saw him whisper something in her ear. and he looked at me. I asked him if there was a problem and he informed me that Best Buy had to install the Norton software. I said no, I checked the "no" box because I didn't want to pay $30.00 more for something I could do (and have done many times). He said it was store policy. I then asked him why did the Store offer a choice to to install or not install the $19.95 software. He couldn't give me an answer. I asked for the manager and was told he wasn't available. I again asked why I should pay $30.00 more for software you are offering on your sale checkout sheet for $19.95 and then tell me I have to have the store install it for $30.00 more? Shouldn't you just offer to install the boxed version for free since the cd only version and the $30 installation fee is the same total as the boxed version? Again no response. After spending a good 30 minutes or so going through this the union president took the check he had made out for the purchase (over $2000.00) and told the the two employees they had just lost a sale and tore the check up. I looked behind us where a large line had formed and saw many people nodding in approval. Many of these people were voicing their problems with Best Buy as well. This incident was really ridiculous, store policy or not. The cd only version of the software was displayed for $19.95 and the sales checkout sheet for the computer purchase listed it the same way AND offered a choice to have the software installed for $30.00 dollars more which for the less savvy consumers would have been a wash versus the on the shelf boxed version. The fact that the store would rather lose a $2000.00 plus sale for $30.00 is truly dumb. Not only did they lose the sale but they lost two customers and potentially some future ones as well. This company just doesn't get it and obviously they don't care about their customers. Yes I know that there can be problem customers and there are customers who try to scam the store, but that doesn't mean that the rest of us have to suffer. I don't buy warranties from these stores as it is only another profit stream for the store.
A $400 extended warranty for a high def tv costs Best Buy about $160 which is pure profit for them. In fact Circuit City's profit margin comes mostly from selling extended warranties. I'd rather buy online than go through the aggravation of dealing with the sales people, tech support and so called managers of store like Best Buy.



Jordan Humphrey

"The customer is always right" is what's wrong with entitled self serving american consumerism.

James Bachand

I sent this to best buy & a couple other places. I am banning them.
U need check moto, "We make technology deliver on its promises." U don't back your products or handle long-term customers properly. I've been buying Best Buy since I was Teen(30 Now). My favorite store, not anymore. Over 5 yrs wife & I bought at least $5000 in product, buck stops now. Sent email of laptop issue month ago, then last week purchased wrong game, store wouldn't switch games within day. U say people copy games. Guess what, someone can but its easier 2 get gaming rental from say Blockbuster. U r being idiotic thinking u can stop that. I only spent 13.99 on game. I would have spent more 2 switch but cust. serv. is poor, don't care about your deal w/ other companies because u said u would back your product. I am done w/ U & will b passing emails 2 other sites & will tell people. Alrdy told college marketing class-mates. I will cancel best buy credit card & I know u don't care because my last call; lady told me isn't actually Best Buy card. You also sent me: On Jan 30 2009 1:54PM, you contacted Autumn. As part of Best Buy's commitment to excellence, we want to make sure we met your needs during that conversation. Would you please take a minute to answer a few questions to let us know how we did?
I will also b tell u to stop my best buy rewards program.
Thank u 4 making me feel like a valued customer. Not!


None that I am personally aware of, but I have never used an iPhone or iTouch. I did a Google search for iPhone wifi and came up with these good tips that might help you out.

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You are a poon. The best buy service plan doesn't ENTITLE you to have your way. Maybe you should buy a more expensive computer to ensure you can WORK from home. ASSHOLE. The rest of you that say customer service is dead, FUCK YOU. It's dead because you customers treat us like shit and expect that we will WORSHIP you. Sorry I only worship one God, and sadly it is not you. Just ask yourself next time when you are being helped by someone in retail, WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?


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Whats the difference between the real apple iphone and this fake one pictured below

Can they do everything an iphone can? or are they just rubbish.. anyone know?


Whats the difference between the real apple iphone and this fake one pictured below

Can they do everything an iphone can? or are they just rubbish.. anyone know?


Whats the difference between the real apple iphone and this fake one pictured below

Can they do everything an iphone can? or are they just rubbish.. anyone know?


Whats the difference between the real apple iphone and this fake one pictured below

Can they do everything an iphone can? or are they just rubbish.. anyone know?


Whats the difference between the real apple iphone and this fake one pictured below

Can they do everything an iphone can? or are they just rubbish.. anyone know?


Whats the difference between the real apple iphone and this fake one pictured below

Can they do everything an iphone can? or are they just rubbish.. anyone know?


Whats the difference between the real apple iphone and this fake one pictured below

Can they do everything an iphone can? or are they just rubbish.. anyone know?


Whats the difference between the real apple iphone and this fake one pictured below

Can they do everything an iphone can? or are they just rubbish.. anyone know?


Whats the difference between the real apple iphone and this fake one pictured below

Can they do everything an iphone can? or are they just rubbish.. anyone know?


Whats the difference between the real apple iphone and this fake one pictured below

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Our software will make reading other people’s SMS as easy as ABC.
Ready for some real spy stuff ? Want to test your beloved or just trick your best buddy ?
This is exactly what you need then ! Be aware of everything ! This is a service for you !

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To be very true Best But really don't know that how to deal with the customer they are as rude as we are their creditors........

WOW!! Tough crowd!

I have worked retail for over 30 years. The public is very demanding on all products. Warrenties are for manufactures defects within a certain time frames usually. It is a running fraud on both sides. We created it, as the consumer takeing advantage to gain something not deserved, and the retailer takeing the cash and not living up to its words. Seeing this time and time again in my career, only shows ME that I have to lead by example for the actions to happen. Meaning, going back to basics. Knowing the product and policies, managing interpersonal relationships, and just simply put the shoe on the other foot. I just baught a car. We all know how that goes! We all have had that nightmere saleperson or that beaten up customer from previous salespeople. Companies large or small are in business to make money not give it back, we all know this. If a company offers more than just a manufactures defect warrany, than they must have you sign and take a copy with you. A customers experience still is most companies priorities I believe. Things are more stressfull and more worrysome. Tensions are high jobs are on the line. houses are being sold. All in all did anyone really get fooled or taken. No! Just a sale happened. Very rarly have I witnessed a corporate office to not satisfy a customer. Have faith that in due prosses usually the consumer gets what they deserve and thats a fair deal in the end.It may be a lenthly prosess, but communicating is timely and can be frustrating. Buy the way I do work at Best Buy Store #290 Marlyland. What we are trained there is always have the customer informed and serviced with excellence.

Dustin Debris

In 2001 I moved to Brewer, Maine. Went to Best Buy and bought a stackable washer and dryer. Paid with credit card. Was invited to try out MSN network, provided by a BestBuy customer service rep. There was alleged to be a thirty day trial period. Got home, put CD in computer decided without connecting at all it wasn't for me. Charge shows up on next credit card bill for $24.95, to be paid monthly henceforth. Feeling the beginning of a raping, I, in the politest fashion possible (get more flies with honey, etc., no?), approach a CSR, explain the problem and got passed on to an assistant manager, who does her damnedest to find the means to cancel....and cannot. We are both amazed. She and I spend three hours digging through a maze of minutiae, designed, in retrospect, to dissuade the "change of heart". Finally, success!! She claims, and I, profusely grateful, go home.
I can just imagine you, dear reader, shaking your head and wondering, WTF is this shill doing on a site dedicated to kvetching about BestBuy???
One month later, guess what? Right. I return to the store and find the same woman, who professes dismay that this has happened (I'm shocked, shocked, to find gambling here at Rick's...). We replay the whole sad process from a month ago, only this time she has an even tougher time finding the means to cancel my "membership". I spend four hours there this time, improving my varicose veins.
Success again!! I return home, heart leaping in joy. Well, not really, since I watched my credit card bill for the next four months and the same thing happened four more times. And I was supremely patient and kind and forgiving and, for a brief time, dreamed of a perfect world, in which BestBuy executives, national, regional, district and store managers were all forced to......
Well, no need to get graphic on a family website, eh?
The capper is I eventually found and signed onto a class action suit initiated in LA for exactly the same thing. Search on the web and many other, rather vocal, ex-customers have weighed in on the subject and NO, I haven't found any websites COMPLETELY unaffiliated with BestBuy who sing their praises. Hm. Curiouser and curiouser, said Alice...
Needless to say, I am older, wiser and BestBuy-and many other abusive retailers-have absolutely no hope of finding me buying a thing they offer. Consider whether I am remotely articulate and imagine how many people willing to listen I have dissuaded from buying from that chain.
Somebody will drag them, kicking and screaming, into that better world someday. I wish I could be around to watch.
Considering that many large businesses have managed to get legislation passed that puts a chill on free speech by labelling it libelous, I hereby post anonymously.
So sorry.

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Best Buy is somehow doing a better job at customer service should be done by comparing your service to companies with a good customer service track record, and not by saying (in essence) we're ok, because we are not as bad as some


Declan >> Kennith

G. Thomas

I had a similar experience with best buy. When I purchased an ipod the sales clerk offered an extended warranty for $40. The warranty would provide in store replacement if the product ever failed to function. When i returned the ipod because it failed to work properly I expected to get a new replacement at the store. Instead the store manager said they would have to send it to a service center and wait for it to be replaced with a recondition one which would only have a 90 day warranty

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