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That post is a good marketing reminder -- I used to work on cruise ships and every time we hit a new port, the cruise director would do a Port Talk and hand out a sheet of recommended places to go. He would then go around to all the shops on his list and pick up his commissions from the last cruise. He made thousands of dollars every week in kickbacks from local store owners. There is a ton of money in joint ventures and finding them is just a matter of being creative.




He most certainly was a good marketer. I have lived in Thailand for the past 7 years and came here often the previous 6 years before that while a soldier doing training and planning.

You fell prey to a marketer who targets tourists. You could have hired a van with driver for the day for less than $50. They make their living offering their expert services to tourists who have no idea as to the actual cost of things.

Your driver was happy and had a good day with some good stories to tell over a beer or bottle of whiskey with his comrades and you got a good tour and good service at what you considered a reasonable price.

So in the end it was a win-win.

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