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Ken McArthur

Ben and Dave,

Outstanding interview. Makes me proud to know you both. Thanks for giving me a little more clarity and helping to know you better. The world is a better place when people think about what they say.

All the best,


Shallie Bey

Dave, thank you for this wonderful interview and for introducing me to Ben Mack. Only about 10 days ago was the first time I became aware of Ben. I received an e-mail from you that led me to him. Since then, Ben has become a staple in my life.

I’ve listened to several of his tele-conferences. I’ve completed the first of what I am sure will be several readings of his book, Think Two Products Ahead. I’ve purchased one of his products that he has developed with Tellman Knudsen. And I’ve shared his insights with almost every one of my business coaching clients with whom I have spoken this week.

When I come across someone who has such insights, I always wonder what about their life triggers this ability to see things differently. One of my pet theories is that it is because they are able to ask profound questions without fear, or in spite of their fears. Ben said in the interview that he acts as much as possible without fear. I believe him. I thank him for his insights and you for yours in sharing Ben so freely with us.


Warren Whitlock

Misunderstanding Ben Mack is the sign of a weak mind.

Ben chooses to live in the game of reality. Sometime we choose not to follow him there, but when we do we are engaged in reality.

Thank you for playing along.


In my opinion this was a great video. It was sincere and heart felt. It takes a lot of courage to say and do what one is truly feeling inside and to stand up for what you believe in, even though it may cost you in some way.
Most of us sweep issues under the rug when we're confronted with them and it was refreshing to see, hear and feel the emotion Ben puts into his work and living his life.
Ben seems to me to live with passion and if you truly pay attention to what he is saying, he's giving you a tremendous amount of relevant information.
Success to both Dave & Ben
Thank You

Andy Morris

Wow thanks Dave and Ben. That was a fantastic interview not just because it was so candid and raw emotionally but because you weren't afraid to ask answer the hard questions. Thank you. What a gift. I will go buy the book.

Dianne Kneller

Dave & Ben,

Thank You, That was an awesome interview.

I have been following Bens' messages for about a year.. & admittedly the first few months I was one of the, What the F*#k? people.. duh!

I finally realised what a true genius he is about a couple of months ago, & love listening to anything he has to say, but learnt a lot more from that.

Thanks for sharing your soul, Let's hope many more "Get You" now!

"Love Life, & try to laugh at least once a day" :)

Sincerely Dianne from NZ

Athena Alexa

Thank you for posting this wonderful interview with Ben Mack,I am new to Ben Macks informative money making stradegies and insights,yes,but throughout the video the same question kept coming to me,What is not to understand,he is one of the most clear thinking clear talking REAL speakers I have ever heard,The bottom line is people don't follow what is out of thier curve of knowledge but does that mean Ben should dumb down his message,heavens no,thier are more and more people awakening to the fact thst thier are realities beyond what we ourselves percieve and understand,Duh Factor ....I hope he knows how very speciel he is!!!What an inspiration,Too I love what he said about being able to see the colors of peoples auras,that is such a gift,one of many that Ben has been given!!!!Ben your Awsome!!!!Thank you for the candid and real,depth of information and for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us!!!!!
Athena Alexa
Author of Earth Prayers Angels And Dreams

Jean Wolfe

I had no idea that Ben was a thinker ..and it was wonderful to see it. I am on his mailing list (which led me to Dave) and am constantly hustled to do do do or buy buy buy.
Let your list see the real you, Ben.. as you did on this great interview. (In fact, to use your own phrase, just be the legend).
Great to see Dave holding the space safely and calmly, too.

Thanks so much to you both

Steve Markowski

Dear Ben and Dave:

Sometimes the problem is with the questions, not the answers.

Dave is the genius at framing and piloting the conversation. And Ben, is well, Ben - the maddening genius.

Bravo gentlemen. Thanks for sharing your insights.

Love to all.

Steve Markowski

Kenny Annunziato

Ben, I truly believe Bucky is very proud of you. People who do not understand would be wise to ask more questions, instead of pointing fingers and name calling. Funny how frustration transubstantiates our psyche back to being children in the sandbox. Please keep going Dr.Mack, you are the brand this world needs alot more of. Thank you.

Wendy Hart

I agree with Warren: Misunderstanding Ben is the sign of a weak mind. Ben, you are a GENIUS! The world needs more people with your brand of courage and authenticity. Dave, thanks for this interview--it is a treasure!

Keith Matthew

What if we didn't really misunderstand Ben Mack and he was just making us BELIEVE we misunderstood?

James W Vernon II

Wow I must say that this video is what I would call mind blowing. Especially the part of the wafer where it becomes the actual flesh of Jesus.

I find that hard to believe as well as though the person that is partaking of the wafer is crucifying the Son Of God all over again.

Trans-sub-stantiation sound like it would be a doctrine that was supported by Satan himself. That causes me to tremble and run in the other direction.

Thank you for being candid and for the statement that most of the Major Religions don't care about us the massages.

Maybe some time believe it or not I would love to talk with you.

Take care; James W Vernon II


Electrifing Public Video! I was blind and now I can "see clearly now the rain is gone". My soul was stirred from it's slumber by the emotional transendence of this video. I've watched it twice now and it was much better the second time! I think I'll watch it again because I may have missed something important.
Dave is really good at extracting from Ben some golden gems of information.
Ben airs his emotions and that felt great to see a public figure do.
Thanks for sharing that information with us.


Get real. The whole transsubstantiation thing, and related blog comments, are silly. Ben has brought this up before, and why? who knows.

Most Christians in the US don't believe in trans-substantiation (Catholics, and Lutherans believe in Con--different but close--do, I forget about the other old-skool denominations).

Now, the fact that most Evangelicals in the US don't believe in trans-substantiation, or con, and settle for the "it is a symbol" route ought to be enough to convince a person that only weak-minded people have such a hard time struggling with such a notion that they reject it outright.

Esp for Christians, unable to accept one of the central Mysteries of their faith.

But this has nothing to do with whether one is a Christian or not. Read Voegelin or many other non-Christain very deep, systematic thinkers to learn more...

The whole misunderstanding Ben Mack is a sign of a weak mind line is assinine. Makes no difference who said it. Or how many times.

Ben is a dude approaching 40, blazing his own trail. He is sharp and can teach you many things, but he also just doesn't get even more things.

As far as I can tell, he isn't afraid to face his weaknesses, to learn and to work to overcome them and to improve his life (and maybe the lives of others).


Hello Dave and Ben;

I just listened to the interview where you "deconstructed" Ben Mack. I'm not sure what date this was done but it was an amazing interview.

I am in total agreement with Ben about the drinking water situation in the world, plus many other dire situations that I'm sure he thinks about also.

It seems that the countries/people North Americans etc. who have it all "JUST DON'T CARE" they don't even want to hear about
it, let alone try to help the situation. Try talking to them about their fancy cars
or big houses etc. they are all ears.
It's enough to make one "P%%ke." I'm being
polite here.

On another note "how fortunate you are to have spent some time with the Dalli Lama.

There is so much I wish to address about this interview, but I will conclude by saying "it was the best interview I have listened to for a very long time." Thank you for being so open and honest.

May you always live your life as YOU see
fit, not how someone else thinks you should
live it.

Thank you again for doing this interview with Dave.


Hello Ben and Dave;


I wanted to clarify a couple of
statements I made earlier and tell
you of a person I know, and what they do.

1.) The first is "I do not begrudge the
people who have the big cars, houses
etc. I am happy for them, I'm sure
they have worked very hard to
acquire these things and
deserve them."

The ones I have a problem with are
the ones who will not share with
the unfortunate (I.E. Third world
countries (drinking water) etc.)

2.) An example of what I mean:

There is a person that I know,
mid-40's, not in the best of health
who rides her "cheap" Mountain bike
8 miles to do a job she loves, then
rides 8 miles back home, in all
kinds of weather. This morning it
was 32F when she left for work.
This afternoon it was snow/hail as
she peddled home. She generally has
1/2Hr. to 2 1/2Hrs. to have a shower,
eat, rest if there is time before she
walks 2 miles to another job that can
be 4Hrs. or more, sometimes taking
until 2am before she walks back home
again. She does this 7 days a week.



This person saves her "pennies" all
year long and donates them to her
favorite charities.

Oh, by the way did I forget to tell
you, one job is minimum wage and the
other is LESS than that. But she loves
both her jobs. So, if she can donate,
"what excuse do the rest of you have?"

P.S. She won't take public transit to
her evening job because it could
cut into what she "can do for others."

Thank you Ben, please keep these issues in the public eye.


Excellent interview and discussion. Two of the best minds for business and marketing together...who could ask for more?

Thank you for sharing this.


Wealth Abundance  Joy  [Amy Flynn]

Love this conversation between Dave and Ben. A conversation is just that, a conversation.It doesn't mean anything other than it is. In it's being it creates a possibility that was not present before the conversation. [I can Ben-speak well, I too took EST. ;-) ]

My translation on what Warren says above:

WARREN: "Misunderstanding Ben Mack is the sign of a weak mind.

Ben chooses to live in the game of reality. Sometime we choose not to follow him there, but when we do we are engaged in reality."

ME: Misunderstanding Ben Mack is the sign of an inflexible and non-expansive mind.

Ben chooses to live the game of conscious reality creation realizing that each moment is an opportunity for a reality created anew.

In truth ... WE are Ben Mack -
no separation exists, only distinction.

Dave says in his post: "Ben lives out loud, he lives his life as a human experiment."

A human experiment or human authentic?
In my reality Ben lives his life authentically and he makes many uncomfortable because of the contrast created exposing showing where they do not.

I love Ben Mack and love his mind and my mind never fails to expand to a new shape when engaged with Ben.

Thank you Ben. Thank you Dave.

Mind expanded. It shall never snap back to the shape it was before.




wow. thanks ben, because I've always understood you perfectly. I am glad for company in my insanity.

transubstantiation. I've been familiar for years but never had it put to me that way. Funny how the freaky reptiles allow the truth of the merging and colliding worlds that we experience in concert, to slip through rituals made by the ruling classes to subordinate the minds of their slaves.

so I hope you marketers and ad men be blessed with the powers and strategies and wills to their own means of production and with better ends, (ie solar cell factories, potable water enablers) instead of selling the debased crap that keeps chinese snipers on buddhist monks while we all shop at wallmart for christmas.
oh sorry, lots of you sell information products.

but I rant, and on anothers blog. please forgive the manners and thank you for the video

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