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Another great idea Dave! I love advice you can put into action right away. I'm psyched about your new plan of attack for '08!

Speaking of action, to everyone else out there, let me tell you that this man truly practices what he preaches.

About a month ago I had Dave's book, Power of an Hour, ordered in for our metro library system. I love Dave's audio interviews and newsletter and wanted to give one of his books a read, but I think my wife would kill me if I bought one more book in 2007.

Long story short, the copy they got in had printing errors (pages missing, pages duplicated) about 4 chapters in. I notified Dave to see if he had ever heard of this before, but luckily this was a rare freak occurence.

To make it up to me (even though I didn't even BUY his book), to my great surprise a courier showed up at my door a couple of days ago with an awesome New Year's gift. Autographed copies of both his books! Sent priority mail, no less! Totally unexpected. Totally remarkable!

Thanks again Dave. I hope to return the favor for your generosity some day.

Keep on keepin' it real!


Definitely disagree with you on this one Dave.

I'm a Scientologist, and we would prefer to have no publicity versus negative publicity, nor do we need people discovering Scientology through a celebrity. Celebrities have a unique communication line that only a handful of people on this planet have, and my personal belief is someone cannot learn this. Celebrities also have their personal viewpoints, as they are still human beings on this planet. Mr. Cruise does not have persuasion secrets, and anyone can learn specific communication techniques we teach which would increase their ability. He, just like other celebrities, are unique, and they have a totally separate responsibility to this world.

We don't have special or faddish marketing techniques, nor do we need a misguided individual like Mr. Morton to lead the way through an unauthorized biography. Our communication and marketing technology is standard technology for Scientologists, and, in fact, some of the largest corporations in the world (some Fortune Magazine recognized) and grass-root entrepreneurs apply our communication and marketing technology via WISE- this information is readily available to the public.

Finally, implying that L. Ron Hubbard was just a science fiction writer is very one-dimensional, as he still hold several records on this planet, in different industries and occupations, which no-one has yet to break- all his efforts benefiting mankind. Believe it or not, he never intended to publish Dianetics, which ultimately led to Scientology- a bonafide religion by it's definition; not a cult, but a culture.

So, please, make no mistake, the publisher of this unauthorized biography is just that, and nothing else. Anyone who wants to learn more about Scientology can pick up Dianetics, the pre-cursor and sub study of Scientology. They would definitely, as I have, be better off discovering Scientology for themselves, and reap the same kinds of rewards as I have and every other Scientologist keeping Scientology working.


Patricia Lawrence

Hello Dave,

Sounds like your having a spectacular time in Arkansas. I lived in Florida over by Cocoa Beach for awhile and I watched some of the big rockets take off from Cape Canaveral. I have toured the space site there and it is pretty impressive. I haven't thought of those memories in years until you triggered them from your excitement over the space program in Huntsville. Hope the weather was great so you could get out and explore some. The Ozarks are beautiful and my mom use to go to the diamond mines, as we were a traveling family. My mom loved to prospect for gems and taught me to pan for gold up in Alaska back in the 60s. This included hiking into the back country, chisling into the rock, then panning, none of this easy tourist stuff they do today. My parents were quite the adventurists.

Anyways, back to learning to advertise. I was very intriqued by Tom Cruise and Scientology. I didn't know all that and by the time I was done listening I was curious as to how he could be so persuaded to join and be converted to what seems like ridiculous beliefs. The advertising did get me interested and I pursured looking at all the information. Having specialized in Psychiatric and working Forensic Psychiatry I imagined what it would be like to bring him to San Carlos (Colorado's prison psychiatric hospital) in Pueblo CO and have him work with some of those inmates off their medications. I don't think it would be long before he would be saying, " put them back on their meds". He would then get a taste of the real world and the struggles these people have in real life. They are very violent, dangerous off their medications and very very psychotic (for real). They are completely different people once you manage their psychosis, they become gentle, calm, good spirited and actually very likeable. Most are highly artistic, very talented in drawing, sculpturing, carving wood, poetry, etc. Medications offer them a quality of life they would never have without the medications. Recently on cable TV, they are running a show on Discovery/Time channel called "Prison Medicine". It is about medical care in the Colorado Department of Corrections. Less than a year ago this was my job prescribing psychiatric medications as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. The show was actually filmed a year before I started working for them. Recently the VA stole me away with a better offer. Anyways, This is where I use to work, all these prison facilities in Canon City and in San Carlos down in Pueblo. These are my patient's, I knew almost all the inmates in the 30 min. presentation and several of the staff. Some have left the system now. Speaker, was one of my patients I saw him frequently down at San Carlos, very very delusional. I only say his name because he is in the show and they state his name so I don't feel I'm breaking confidentiality. If you get to view the film this gives you an idea of the type of patient's I see, very seriously ill. Tom Cruise I don't think has a clue or Scientology. If they have all these miracle cures then why aren't they going into the prison system and curing all these people that are suffering, they commit crimes motivated from their suffering? I just couldn't understand how he could be so illogical and be a Number 1 celebrity that so many people adore. What a waste of good energy, it is all being directed into the wrong place. Cruise could really help people if he instead would focus with some true logic about the human condition.

The other marketing reading you suggested taught me this:

1.) He used short concise statements in the beginning so right away I did not feel exhausted from intense reading and leave the site. It was quick and easy to
manuever through.
2.) He set up some intrigue by making me ask myself - What did I forget?
3.) Easy to read steps 1., 2., 3., and the language was easy to understand, not complicated and only for the Ph.D student.
4.) He, up front addressed all the resistent thoughts that most people will go through.
5.) He makes people believe if they change something about their own process they can be successful. He leaves this a mystery of what it is you have to
change. This creates the idea that they are missing something and he can provide the missing piece. It is important to connect up with him for your own
6.) He then gives some useable tools - advice - send out test marketing and see what works best. Emphasized one skill - Need to Test. He shows he can help
you with this one tool to put to use right now. This keeps you interested. You got something.
7.) He then describes why he is credible and you should trust his advice. He is an author. He shows a picture of what he does.
8.) He describes his network and how valuable it is. He then says you can be included. Now you are being told you can become SPECIAL.
9.) He gives you ideas on what you can do that copies his success. This makes you believe you can have all the rewards and entices you with the materialistic
rewards, by showing you his beautiful house. Who doesn't dream of living in a house like that. He makes you believe you can have this if you follow his
10.) At the end he tells you what you have to do to pursue this path. Subliminally, you think if you do this one thing then you are starting to get the nice house, the
business success, becoming SPECIAL in his network group, and he will show you the way. Everyone wants the becon light to show them the way. It is
easy because he tells you what to do and you don't have to think for yourself. Water follows the path of least resistence, well, I guess that is how the Grand
Canyon was formed, so why not easy.

OK, tell me how I did. Did I get the lesson? Did I learn what I need to understand; regarding the fundamental concepts to create an advertisement? Do you have anything to add? Good exercise.
I'm working on creating the Grand Canyon so now, how do I take these concepts and turn my business into a story that is persuasive that will attract clients? What is my next step? Should I try something? How would I create controversy or create a belief that only I can resolve a problem they have? How about something like: Look Confident, Feel Confident and Love your Life. OR Look Good, Look Young, Feel Good, Feel Successful and Make your Life - the Dream turned reality.
How would I build up the the finalle? Maybe you have an outline or template for filling in the blanks?


Report and "Whitepaper" marketing is a great idea, however the terms you use to describe these documents should vary according to your audience.

If your audience is business professionals, "report" may be a very effective term.

But, when dealing with the everyday internet user, the term "e-book" may work better.

Great post! Thanks!

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