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Signe A. Dayhoff, Ph.D.


This piece of video strikes me exactly as a carefully designed and -executed promo for Scientology. How better to get people to want to see something than make it unavailable (principle of scarcity) and then reinforce that desire by making a big deal about how shocking its release is.

When you listen to the nonsensical ramblings of Tom Cruise, you can still see the calculated seriousness and sincerity that Lt. Col. Oliver North at the Iran-Contra Congressional Hearings used to show he was a true believe and God-fearing, apple pie honest. Of course, Ollie was a seasoned persuasive presenter, unlike Tom, who's trying so hard just to be slightly articulate. Somebody, give this guy a script!

Since Tom claims he is "helping everyday" (and has helped "billions," in fact) and Scientologists are the "only" ones who can bring peace, etc., to the world, I'm wondering when Tom and they are going to get off their power-driven horses and bring AIDS medication to sufferers in Africa and stop the genocide in Darfur.

As for Scientologists "trying to stop further distribution" of Tom's bio, I can't think of a better way to keep curiosity and sales up than to bring a lawsuit. It will help keep the members in a them-vs-us state, give Scientology another publicity shot in the arm, and move disaffected people closer to signing up. Heads I win - tails you lose.


Dr. Letitia Wright

I think they should get as much publicity as possible, with all the stars that are into it, that should be a great influence to get more people into scientology.

Tom Grimshaw

If you had read but a few books written by Mr Hubbard rather than the ramblings of a lying, demented anti-Scientologist you would appreciate the truth in Scientology. It comes from the first person to ever use scientific methodology to investigate the humanities. He arrived at a workable technology by which to relieve the distress and trauma which hold most back from attaining their potential. And one of the very first principles he espouses on the subject of PR and promotion is to always use truth because lies will backfire. Something Moreton obviously does not believe in or apply.

Dave Lakhani

For the record. I've read all of Hubbard's books and find many flaws in his conclusions and thinking.

I'm certainly not saying that Morton got it all right either but the beliefs of Scientology fall well outside of anything considered scientifically credible.

Hubbard was a science fiction author . . . people should remember that before worshipping him or his beliefs.


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Hubbard was a science fiction author . . . people should remember that before worshipping him or his beliefs.

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