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Tony Papajohn

Yes. This recalls a Dan Kennedy comment I heard about how the presenter and the presenter's staff conduct themselves at an event. He said that you are always on stage until you go in your room and close the door. And that you and/or your staff never do anything, innocent as it may seem, to compromise, as you suggest, your brand. I guess this draws on human nature in that we are looking for a way to say "No" to an offering even if that reason has nothing to do with the offering.

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I agree to what tony had posted.

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It is important to concern about the safety and cleanliness of a product before you sell it to the customers. It is not just about the money you get from the business.


Then, shouldn't companies not hired people who smoke? If you're around food (or have a cab), you shouldn't be polluting the food (no matter how unhealthy said food is!)

aion kinah

Je suis allé récemment au Montana interviewer les propriétaires d'entreprise et a rencontré des gens extraordinaires et j'ai également pu observer des gens étant très difficile à faire des affaires avec. . . et je les ai entendus parler de la façon qu'il était difficile de faire de l'argent dans cette économie. Encore une fois, la perception est la réalité, si je pense qu'il est difficile de faire des affaires avec vous, je ne sera probablement pas ou du moins pas encore.

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Under the reforms that instituted the Julian calendar, Intercalaris was abolished, leap years occurred regularly every fourth year (after a few years of confusion), and in leap years February gained a 29th day. Thereafter

bob g allen

It is just not the money but how you sell it. Thank you Dave for this wonderful post

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hey tony, i think i'm gonna agree with that! amazing post it's well explained.


Your daughter is absolutely right!

Patrick Long

As trite as it really is, to the average joe, what they first perceive is the reality of that concept or company, and its services or products to them.

Sure, image is not everything, but as what many say, you only have one opportunity to make a first impression.


It is just not the money but how you sell it. Thank you Dave for this wonderful post

I Need Money Desperately

I watched the link that you posted and it was really disgusting! I better stop buying at Dominos! Creeps me out!

Jim the Electric Car Kit Guy

I never thought of the pizza delivery scenario either. It is so true and such a good example of how each and every employee or in some cases vendor, can affect a companies business. "Perception is reality" is a very important concept especially in today's world where people are more connected that ever, with tools like facebook and twitter, etc.

Thanks maybe I'll ask next time I have a pizza delivered, whether the driver is a smoker or not.

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India Ho'okani Paige

re: damaging brands, big and little things..there's a critical sales point being missed, and as a sales coach, Im shocked Dave's taken such a stance. When I train new sales agents in real estate, I role play the following related scenario: "suppose you & your clients have just left the ideal house for them, and as you drive away you notice the neighbors side yard is full of chickens." (we live in Hawaii, you'd be surprised how many upscale communities have chickens for pets..they eat centipedes)training tip: what do you say about the chckens to your client? the answer..absolutely make certain you dont opine, although you can ask the clients how they feel. Reason is simple you dont know that the clients arent chicken people themselves or might be in the future or have a brother in law who is, etc. So for the smoke and the it or not we still live in a world of personal choices including the choice to smoke. I'd guess dominos pizza is smart enough to know they need both the smokers and non smokers as for the driver...well I wouldnt comment as I dont know how many smokers and non smokers may read this blog.

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You got a cool daughter. I think we should all be cautious even with delivery places or resto.

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I gave a crooked smile when Bush said "Card is more than a friend to me." Guess they'll miss the afternoon delight after this.


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Your daughter is a keen observer and she is brilliant. I agree with your post - the little things that you don't notice or ignore are chipping away at the foundation of your business and will destroy it - It will really destroy it.


ugh, I found your site after reading one of your Amazon book reviews.

I was hoping you'd be different, but you're just another lame SEO, get rich quick, work at home, marketer.

Although, I guess I did learn something new... it's really easy to get published by Wiley.

M.Smith Roche

The innocence of youth. Perception is reality. All employees are the face of the company. First impressions are formed in two seconds and each employee needs to be aware of that.

Nate G

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Thanks maybe I'll ask next time I have a pizza delivered, whether the driver is a smoker or not.

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Smoking isn't allowed in restaurants here nor in the kitchens, logic would extend that to delivery vehicles.


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