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Fantastic! I'm a fan of HTF and look forward to the call. I hope you're able to record it. Will look for your post just in case.

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Nice post it is true that todays time is competetive. We should strive for higher goals and act on them. Competetion is the challenge.

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Fame is no longer about Paris Hilton fake-famousness. Instead it is about the way people view you minute to minute and second to second. People are always watching.


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interesting! In the same vein it won't get your girlfriend to take you back and it won't stop the ozone from eroding.

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The vibe was the exact opposite of what you'd find at a tea party rally. But the loud chants barely resonated inside the Capitol, where lawmakers are trying to exit Springfield in a couple of weeks without voting for a tax increase that could jeopardize their re-election chances in little more than six months.

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Americans will have to have a civil war or revolution based on poverty like in France or Russia before such an extreme system as has developed becomes tabu (like a strong currency is aboslutely necessary in Germany due to perceptiopn of inflation bringing down Weimar Republic for example).

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