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Ann Jelly Ong

Thanks for this inspiring post Dave! I guess discovering and hiring competent and efficient salespeople is a combination of a lot of things. I do agree though that referrals are a great help. These days, it can be really hard to find remarkable salespersons that if you have to replace a really good one, you would probably have more luck in asking for that outgoing worker for referrals than looking for candidates from scratch. For me, it is also about proper management from superiors that would make a salesperson stay in the job. Do you consult any job data bases for this task? What do you think of those sources?

Scott Sylvan Bell

Dave, these are all fantastic ways to interview salespeople have you considered doing a webinar on this topic?
I like how you drag the infomration out of the salespeople after the "easy" answer.

Secured Loans

It's all about incentives to get the best people for you.

new era gorras

Mi amigo, usted es como Shakespeare. Su artículo es muy bueno. Usted debe hacerlo profesionalmente

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